Often Hero worship works wonders

So recently I spoke of film character , John Wayne.
To whom do you turn when times get tough? The adage is the tough get going, right?
Some turn to Deepak Chopra,or Wayne Dyer but not all of the time because different heroes work on different difficulties, right? Marion Morrison the real man, helped me.

The Duke as he was referred to desired he would have been more like the man he portrayed in films. but he was an ordinary man who gave up a lot of himself to be used for an extraordinary purpose, propping up the American psyche. Can the Duke do that for You?
I have found myself feeling self pity or lacking energy and I turned to Duke to remind me that “hard work” brings success. Fear was a great motivator for the Duke; fear of poverty, fear of being alone , fear of not finding love and a sympathetic compadre. He worked as hard to feel worthy to enjoy life as hard as he appeared to enjoy living up to the constructed image. He was denied joy all through his formative years with a dis compassionate mother and non demonstrative father. But he made something of himself in spite of those very important missing ingredients. Hold him up to light and say to yourself if this lonely man had the gumption to always look forward not backward never feeling sorry for the cards dealt him who am I to cry,whimper, give in? I deserve and you fill in the blanks.
I can stand a little push and shove because to get what I want it is most certain going to take a great deal of effort, get used to that notion now and it will, he promises you, it will bring success.
A mantra on being grateful goes along with this new point of attention. Pay attention to where you will step next, not to where the pot hole is , Duke would say. Great advice. Heroe idolizing, or acknowledging, a softer word, helps us all stay our chosen course.