Throw the Old Lady out!

I read recently about the copious amounts of suicides that have been documented in Canada this year,which prompted me to investigate into this subject.
I offer some professional writing about the subject along with a response from a blogger with a passionate plea.

“And the ragged survivors of what the writer Helen Jackson called “A Century of Dishonor” were herded onto reservations, the government sent out missionaries from seven or eight religious denominations who tried to force the Indians to become Christians…If they ran away they were subject to severe punishment applied in military fashion.””I have come to kill Indians,and believe it’s right and honorable to use any means under God’s heaven to kill Indians.” A statement made by Colonel John M. Chivington at the Sand Creek Massacre. “One officer who was present said later,” women and children were scalped, children shot at their mother’s breast,and all the bodies mutilated in the most horrible manner…the dead bodies of females profaned in such a manner that the recital is sickening.” He goes on:”The troops cut off the Vulvas of Indian women,stretching them over their saddle horns, then decorated their hat bands with them. Some used the skin of braves’ scrotums and the breasts of Indian women as tobacco pouches, then showed off these trophies together with the noses and ears of some of the Indians they had massacred, at the Denver Opera House.” Another section reveals an aspect of Adolf Hitler’s character it reads:”Starvation was used as a national policy, it was an act of intentional genocide. It is no coincidence …that when Hitler was plotting his Final Solution, he ordered a study of America’s Indian-reservation system. He , Hitler, admired it and wanted to use it in Europe.”
This last section even though there is quite a bit more to read, I suggest to all of you to visit this article and its blogger Leon’s response. It is very relevant to the many Indian suicides happening in Canada this year.
“The formula is simple and always the same: make the other group (I believe you could interject here the word person for group) the embodiment of evil,dehumanize them,create an ideology that provides a noble rationale for purging the world of this evil, and seemingly civilized people become enthusiastic killers. Once another group is transformed into something less than human, it is astonishingly easy to arouse-as Hannah Arendt eloquently pointed out in “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A report on the Banality of Evil” the will to follow and to convince ordinary people that they are free to commit terrible acts in the name of what has been mythologized as a moral high-minded cause”
I agree our country owes a debt to the Indians of America and Canada. Please read the original article by Andrew Bentley at, the title was Manifest Destiny with a passionate response by LEON, a blogger.