A Teen Youth center trumps a house with running water and electricity

Dear Prime Minister, just in case you have not seen in person some of the locations mentioned in ctvnews.ca regarding teen suicides here is a recap from ctvnews.ca,Canada-Housing Pressures squeezes Attawapiskat Community Ever Harder. A video aired by this station under title,”We don’t ask for much:Indigenous Affairs minister grilled in Attawapiskat. The date of the video in today’s Canadian paper is April 18th,2016. The URL is: http://ctv.news/wS363VR. Check it out.

A very depressed looking 75, year old Kataquat on Thusday April 21st,2016 is quoted in the Canadian Press as saying,”I was promised a house twice by the former chiefs,but nothing to date.”
I looked at the video and my heart broke at seeing the mold and boarded windows. I know for myself sunlight and fresh air is essential to my mental health living alone in a one room apartment.
I would think the Prime M , no matter what county of Canada, where the suicides happen , it would be apparent that prioritizing needs would be simple; as in Maslow’s list of primary needs. First a decent and habitable dwelling;clean,meaning sanitary, one with working Windows, toilets, running water and ventilation would be first on any list to minimize the development of mental health problems.

A Youth Center?? Am I on the wrong page?

Another article: http://ctv.news/offyBJg: Titled: Feds Promise Youth Center to fight rash of Attawapisket Suicides.
ctv news channel:April 19th 2016.
Attawapisket Chief Bruce Shisheesh says,” The Prime Minister needs to see things for himself,” ( like the chief, might be implying not to take anyone’s word) to fully understand why residents are resorting to such extreme acts.”

I viewed in the video the molding walls and boarded windows and my heart sank. A Youth Center?

I have been recently reading some of the history of the various groups of indigenous peoples in Canada and how through any means necessary they were ;tricked, treatied,massacred, mutilated, and forced into exile and Nothing appears to have changed except the numbers,perhaps, of the remaining Indigenous people.

Here is an idea!

I read about Michael Reynolds, who for thirty or more years has perfected the building of cheap ,sustainable,housing. For a fee you can be certified to build a house. The website is earthships.com . I believe some of the certified young people are building some homes in Canada at this very moment. It is an idea. Youth love to work with their hands and the Chiefs could fund raise to get some lucky youths on the road to a certificate. Donations of materials play a huge part also in the building of these houses. A total territorial or Canadian, effort would be appreciated in comparison to leaving this huge challenge on the shoulders of a few.
I would be willing to bet many would first love a home before they would love a Youth Center. Heh Prime Minister.
Afterall promises have been made and broken over and over again,attested by historical fact, to the Firsts People of the New Americas so, isn’t time to go the extra mile, the 110%, a leap over tall buildings and get the job done. This year.
A Youth Center?