A Response in Respond-ability

I looked up; psychology-impact of fear inducing environments on children , found:

Terror Management Theory:
I will paraphrase in laymen’s terms what I took away from the information and as much as possible back up the statements with information from experts;behavioral, social and psychological.
First, there have been studies in the regards to Terror Management Theory , conducted by psychologists,psychiatrists,behavioral psychologists and social/psychologists such as-Jeff Greenberg, Sheldon Solomon,Tom Pyszczynski and written about in the Atlantic magazine in May of 2012 and Psychology Today magazine. In the Atlantic the article is written by Hans Villarica in the Health section titled, “How Unrelenting Threat of Death Shapes Our Behavior” A team of experts conducted tests and afterwards they did make the theoretic conclusion: that there is a universal baseline cognizance of the threat of death. They found that when the idea of death is on people’s minds more than usual several behaviors will appear

Jeff Greenberg and others conducted tests which investigated instances when death was on people’s minds more than usual. It is titled,The Terror Management Theory. He found :”the fear of death drives people to maintain faith in their own culture’s beliefs and to follow the culture’s paths to an enduring significance that will outlast their own physical death…”
Interestingly enough this term of ” own culture” was spoken when the aid coming forthwith to teen suicides in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada First Nations People, was aired recently on CTV, that’s Canadian television, shared that what the teens asked for first was a re connect to their cultural identity. Oooop there it is!

This information can be ascertained in copies of the Psychology Today Magazine,in “The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology” years encompassing from 2004-2012 under the names mentioned earlier.

Two behaviors in recorded responses to the fear of keeping alive is,:fight- flight- freeze the other is subjective experience of terror. I viewed the Indigenous women speaking on Canadian tv and they were huddled,crying inconsolably and twisting their hands and fingers. Fear, they looked as if they were in fear for their lives.

I read that death reminders cause people self- enhance and protect self- esteem and Identify with members of their own group,and even to rate them as more unique from others,show increased interest in close relationships,believe more in supernatural beings,defend one’s belief systems.

We have watched other cultures that were marginalized among the people of the new Americas fight for several generations for their own identity.
This is different in that we seem to forget. We seem to turn our backs on our Indian sister and brothers because we safely accepted the Big Brother way of life. Have we? So many of even the Big white man in the sky seek the peace and quiet and nature’s way that they destroyed for so called progress. These peoples had it right all along. Can we afford to turn our backs on their quest for autonomy and culture and basic physical needs?And so much more. A hand out is not the answer but the hand up to means of creating a decent place to live. Who can live like a full human being in a room of ten or more with no running water or functioning toilets or food? Oh,we’ve got ours type of society can snuggle in that warm bed ad forget everyone else. I got mine you say,they just must give up those Indian ways,you say. The quote was “beat the Indian out of them and leave the man”. Well we have proven no one can beat out the spirit of another human being without killing them and ourselves.
We are connected. We may not like all of the varieties but that is why bringing humans into existence was not left up to us.
This is common knowledge that from 1863 through 1995 Indian children had been subjected to: being placed in schools run by various religious groups againsttheir will,to being raped and tortured until removed from the school and never seen again, used in medical experiments that many never physically recovered from back to good health,were subjected to infections and not medically treated,so long that they many transferred to a hospital and then never seen again,many watched their classmates have their hair pulled out,kicked down a flight of states ,kicked in the stomach and many transferred to somewhere and never seen again.
Are we to sit back and say well they will all be gone soon and then we won’t have to feel so bad.

We have many talented young people paying a mere one thousand dollars to learn how to build houses and gather sponsors to donate materials,it can be done in Canada for our brothers and sisters. There is earth ship.com. That is a beginning.
Psychologist are fine but the young people did speak and they said we want our cultur,we want our identity. Let’s bring them support by any means necessary.
The information herein was found in The Psychology Today magazine, a book written by Rev. Kevin Annett titled,”Hidden from History:The Canadian Holocaust. From Psychology Today,The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.