Boot to the HEAD

I’m sick of California whiners!

Let’s keep hiding all that has happened to make America,the good,the bad,the ugly. Keep your grubby hands off Icons.
Marion Morrison was not JOHN WAYNE. John Wayne was a character in films a character built by John Ford who loved,loved,loved the old west. And the old west was made through bickering,fighting,lieing cheating,slaughtering,evil doing and much more,we all know that. It was the strong survive. The Strong. And surviving ain’t pretty.

The man Morrison told it as he saw it. Now someone tell me the good ole boys were not selfishly running this country when Marion Morrison made that monumental mistake of sharing the truth?
Oops,there it is. You can’t stand the truth get out!
There will never be a moment when all of us will be on the same page,J.Kasich,for instance.
Our patriotism must not be dissected as such.
When firefighters rescued blacks and whomever from the world trade buildings was John Wayne and the All American Iconism debated? No,and just maybe,just maybe some firefighter loved to be his own John Wayne. Or how about G.I.Jane? She means a lot to some women whom I believe must want to imbue their lives with her chustpah.( I don’t know if I spelled that right,i didn’t look it up,I have been denied the worthy exploration and dignity of my Jewish ancestry because some evil political correctness does not approve my identifying with).
Why must any of us be denied our collective heroes,thoughts,deeds,good or bad from a past era because a few narrow minded psychopaths believe they speak for ALL Americans. Sure tear down our myths that built character and the concept of fortitude,goodness to win against evil at all costs and replace heroes with the dark side of superman. We seemed to be fascinated with having heroes have a dark side. Then the argument could change to:embrace the dark side of John Wayne and if you do not then I would guess you are one: a hypocrit, a racist yourself, or just a hater of all this country is,the good the bad and the ugly.
Just leave,find some utopia of the mind. But Keep your hands off the Duke.
Just leave,because you can’t kill the people who lived during his era,you can’t kill the angst that is American Pie,you can’t kill those sons a bitches who did those and said those offensive things so you snot nosed ingrates can sit unmollested at any table in any restaurant in America.
I think you are ungrateful and maybe even frightened of this virile image. Well then where are our female heroes?
Stop the P.C. already it is so far south all of should just lay down and give this country to whoever and whatever,lets feel guilty FOREVER!
Let’s sell America and start over.
Oh,We’ve done that almost and we didn’t say anything when the selling was going on. Did we? Not enough.
Then you don’t get to tear the foundation of American psyche apart because I don’t see any worthwhile replacements,Do You?