What a world


What a world, what a world. I won. And yet the heterosexual narcissists think they have improved the country. Just like Christians who professed their love for God and lopped off the heads of savages in the name of their God. What’s then different about modern bullies I mean Christians? Absolutely NOTHING..
I have acquainted myself with social abuse which is where a person calls upon a group or groups to terrorize a single person. Sometimes some effects of this behavior are: resentment,depression, abuse of certain types of illegal substances,lack of self esteem,unusual overt friendliness,or isolation just to name a few.
Some behaviors curtail the effects of abuse, I have read about these behaviors and they save me from depression,stress,fear,isolation and low self esteem to name a few.

Oh yes, the target of the social abusive group may become aggressive. Yep,when I read that I felt good, it was something…

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