Saved by the meditations

The book will survey the landscape of racial discrimination  against American white people through constructed images  to convey loss , rejection , and guilt all not true but  spoon fed to gullible citizens already victims of this mind fg because they have accepted mind constructs of themselves in the good ole boy country of America.
“And this nation for all its hopes and its boasts will not be fully free until all its citizens are free.” RFK

No book. Read on.

It is clear to me that some individuals who read this will assume ( you  know what assume means and u can leave me out of it) that I have identified as whitest black and you would at this moment be wrong. What I will share is my escape from this mind set and  and into the Vortex, the vibrational frequency that keeps you from the power of the 666.  if I am able to do it so can many others. Now those who have made that assumption ( as one Spanish speaking man I interacted with in the pool this morning who made what a jab and spoke to me in the negative; for example, -as I turned around in the pool and this man was practically in my face, hmm wonder why…I heard myself say sorry, I was shocked at my self, brainwashing?No, the water was so wonderful I was not on guard,- he responded saying:”It’s okay I would just roll you over) Spanish / English translation, I don’t know. But I chuckled. And he did not get it.  It was an abusive statement of physical violence. I heard it and knew this is how they train innocent girls to accept male violence. I t  was disguised in a smile and a non aggressive tone. But it was violence just the same. Next he said;”is that your wheelchair? I answered yes and again with a smile and soft tone of voice he continued”I have a wheel , I will bring it to  you later.” The look on his eyes told me he was lying. I was confused for a second, why would you tell me a lie?  Then I remembered my lessons about the circle of violence. This is how it starts, slights so small,subtle but do not be fooled it is abuse that grows. I was happy that I recognised it and chuckled under my breath. Thank god I see clearly now the mask of abuse.

I believe, if  we left ourselves out of the growth pattern of others, then we would possibly witness the growth of real human beings. That is love.
I believe we do not have to ask permission  or tolerate the dumb mind set of the confused and unenlightened to seek our own identities.
If there was anyone like myself out there she would have contacted me. And I realise now the the point of your obsession with me is to bring me down to your limited thinking. I almost fell under your spell. But thanking the universe, I know that all that I am is. I am. I am connected to the vibrational frequency that loves me and guides me. Not your limited thinking. Evil is shrewd but not screwed enough.

Nothing is Real. Your mind creates. And these chains of thinking are not real. I almost fell under your spell. Almost,that is. In trying to explain my existence.  Not important. The only thing important is to keep your own vibration in line with Source Energy. Love yourself through recognising gratitude, recognising you have a choice of focus, you determine your feelings. And to humans especially us in the west when we are connected to the universe it might look like weakness, submission, retreating from the battle to you because you are not acquainted with a quiet mind. It is foreign to you. I forgive all of you because you don’t know the happiness you are missing. You only want to control souls, tear them down to suffer as you are suffering. And you are. I think the more misery you can create the happier you think you might be.

I love my connection to the Universe and I have been sick because I began to fall asleep under your hypnotyzing gaze. But not a chance I would remain hypnotised. Thank you so much universe for waking my heart,to keep me on the track of feeling my best, my gratitude keeps me feeling my best feelings you see because I am the only one who can make the choice of what and how I am going to feel. Thank you Universe you are in me and I am you.

Now I must say concentrate on yourself as you see yourself in your minds eye and do not dwell on an eye for an eye. Be in the now not the past. It is gone. Think who you have decided you are now and never let those thoughts, your decisions for yourself go.


love to you.

the book. Oh well,