Let’s not forget

I continue to motivate myself to improve in communications. Even though I meet men like the one in the pool a few weeks back who thought it funny when he stood in my way in the water . After I acknowledged him he grinned and said, it’s okay I will just rolled over you. What a macho , stupid thing to say, as this kind of thinking , this base verbal disregard for another human beings safety was insignificant. Obviously this man was mistreated emotionally and more than likely physically as a child. Some caregiver did not demonstrate compassion or concern for this man and this is what he had to give. Sad.

I could not find any forgiveness for him after he glanced at my stroller chair parked in the corner of pool side. He said, knowing that he was not going to follow through, he said, I will get you another wheel. First, was this a true statement? There was no way to prove it. Number, he chuckled when he said it which led me to believe he was not sincere.

Do some women find this type of blatant misrepresentation interesting? . Not interested, I thought. I did not ask for assistance and from what I have observed of some men and women the way to begin a predatory or parasitic relationship is immediately to find a way to satisfy what one might perceive  as a need.

No thanks. When a person would rather give another person what they want to give instead of asking the other person what they want the intent is clear: you are in the presence of a controlling person.