The warnings signs are always there

Amber just exposed her lack of self esteem, her inability to say no and mean it and her boundaries are non- existent.

Hmmmm?   What makes the other woman, powerful no matter what she might look like, no matter her financial situation? She has herself, that bundle that makes her strength get what she wants and not the other way around.

Amber stated the entire Four years with Depp have been pretty much the same, Sooooo, is the reason she allowed herself to be a punching bag , out of love? Who loves to be a punching bag?

Who loves a punching bag?Hmmm. Maybe since both of them do not possess enough self love, boundaries, self esteem what is the

prize each is getting in this cycle of violence?

Depp has many issues this is a given. Amber may be the co dependent. She was going to tuff it out , take whatever he dished while she changed him.  Oops! That never works. She is young enough she can sacrifice herself for another 30 years and grow up maybe in the violent relationship in spite of the high risk of being maimed. Oops, no! And if she possibly keeps her looks in 30 years, when she dumps Depp and because she learned coping skills, assertive communication, grew a back bone, determined self love, boundaries, and self esteem , she just might find or recognize the real Prince Charming in the crowd.

listen ladies, women,females,girls, dykes,Lessie’s,tranny darlings, this applies to all us females. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

Ours is not to waste time trying to reason why, ours is to do it for ourselves. Any real man would appreciate.

Do I hear an Aye? Say Aye!