And the Adult has it

What is assertiveness? One example could be, he or she makes a request ,the listener could say yes or no depending on: the listener being a logical thinker with self esteem and the issue is one both contestants can  or desire to discuss and influence and reasonably reach a compromise. If the listener filibuster, generalize, use emotional level of response as children do to evoke the hot exit of the requester, throw a tantrum or the listener could explode and become violent because he or she absolutely has not any communication skills then chances of an honest exchange are slim to none depending on the patience and dedication to the investment of the other in the relationship.

the assertive partners understand that an initial rejection of a request is not the end of a discussion. There are many strategies you could choose to negotiate a request, a need, a want, the tactics depend heavily on the level of sincerity and developed will and skill.

Never fear assertiveness is here ;add a touch of determination, creativity and perseverance in lieu of shock and awe or stalking or intimidation, passive aggression,baiting , ridicule or shaming which are devices used to only control  one might suspect to reach a comfortable compromise.

This is the beginning of an honest adult conversation hopefully between two caring and open minded ,reasonable adults.






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