I watched in wonder the women and white men tumble out of the county court house building wearing the oddest combinations of wardrobe.
I would guess,by the shape and color of the white men’s brief cases which one of them would be more likely to be hard working lawyers.
But the women! Stallions in Stilettos. And skirts so tight I asked myself;”Why were they wearing clothes at all? Boy,these are not the female warrior lawyers of merely half a century ago. Maybe they were not lawyers, then who were they?
This breed of Mares looked more like show ponies who would say if you asked them, ” No I have a job,push off jerk” But any wonder. The heels rock their pelvis forward, you know , in breeding position. Their poor calves are hard muscles knotted and bulging like tumors. And their hind quarters! Oh my!
I asked myself , “Self,what could be the point of clothes so tight,calf’s so bulging , arse, left with no imagination -held tight in girdle vice like grip of impenetrable material. There it is -all the possible lust gadgets of a real woman squeezed out of her by a tight dress and pair of stilettos heels. And walk? Look at her! Her feet so craned up into an impossible 45 degree angle she’s nearly tiptoe n. The color of the stretch tents these stallions wore were anything but shy: Apple red,avocado green,lemon- lime yellow. Ah, I see ..food, edibles. Not in that gideeapp ! it would take an ancestor cow hide shoe horn to pry that shape shifting skirt off that mares flanks. But that may be the challenge these days.
Last one into the shower !, This call will consistently and boringly flag women, the second best. Sounds the game is rigged against the woman, she is not invited to join the ” team”, the boys club. It’s a secret club and she is not in it. Not even close because the new ceiling is not visible anymore, it’s a secret. The game is rigged and even a run to the shower is meant to remind her she is the big loser, second best, and not even cared about, he doesn’t care just as long as he used that shoe horn on her gideeapp dress. He’s the winner. And the sad part is the women or the girls do not know that they have been manipulated by the b.f.skinner technique. They have been brainwashed slowly by the movies about modern day woman and modern musical lyrics about reverently beating that ass and hitting that stuff ! That is enough to make a woman take it all off at all times for men. Who wants respect when you can pretend to be a big assed, big boobed, freakishly exaggerated body type like a kardashian? After all wasn’t it a man, Plato who said,” the family is obsolete.” So you see little dunderheads the idea of

of multiple partners and unemotional attachment to one loving long term partner was hatched a thousand years ago.
– [ ] Gee! Was I talking about a dress?