my song is Not about you

I say, I will not give into the dumming down of America!

Some black Americans seem to think I am referring specifically to their “language ” often associated with black people” although in reality any language Americans speak today was or is a compilation of language from foreigners, some slavers, which one must recall came to this country from across the oceans. .” So in reality what one thinks is black language is a misnomer. I was not referring to language at all, you overly sensitive ,violent and violence promoting oafs. I referr to  federal funded curriculums

that were once called the common core standards and to which is known if one is interested in reading, this programs and variations on the theme is actually causing mental illness, dis lexis and cognitive problems in children.  But you know when I say anything all people want to think is I am dissing black people. Everything Is not about You Folks.

when I say “when you accept my freedom , I will accept your culture”  now, I am referring to my freedom from the practice of oppressing mixed race  people.

You know, movies like, Pinky, back in the 40’s depicting a white looking woman living in a town that knows she is related to the whites in town but was forced to live among blacks. She denies herself the chance to marry a man who loves her and she denies herself to continue her education, live in a really lovely two bedroom home probably around white people. But! She turns it all down because they, the whites in town make her feel guilty, and ungrateful, and as if she is turning her back on ” her” people. She lets the man, the education, an opportunity for her chosen happiness and for what, to fill their need to feel they have made the right choice for her. Stay with them, the black people, her people and Help them, forget her own needs, it is a matter of pride, etc., etc., bullshit,bullshit. It was racism then and is racism now.

I understand some of you out there use any opportunity to create hatred against me while they sound benevolent and kind and for the good cause but believe me all that written is not an honest portrayal of ant situation. You have to be there.

and we all know it. The whites wanted every lie to have its place. And blacks well, I think they were just angry if anyone could get away from what they were experiencing.  But no one ever mentions the race mixing so much and including European ancestry that the children of the mixed children’s  mixed children cross the grading of color into no color. We get away.  But the blacks do not want To let  go of their slaves . The whites grow fearful that all will learn that the idea of caste and class and slave is an ideology, not reality.   Something they picked up from their slave masters I suppose?  But humans all over the earth experience enslaving others and or being enslaved. Even now most Americans do not agree that they are being systematically manipulated into killing humanity off. It is for the the best, some thinkers believe. Read that?

I have never meant anything to any of you.   I am not accepted by either group but now you want my vote. No! I vote No , for any of you . I don’t want any of you. Nor am I going to let you make me your chattel.

I will stick to my choice of choosing for myself how I want to express myself in the world. I choose me.  Oh you may get a real snarling tone of voice out once or twice but that won’t last. I have a new weapon for you.

It has nothing to do with anyone if at this date and time in my life I am determined to speak as well and as clearly as possible. Just luck, I guess. All of You are just not that important to me. Attention getting children is how I see most of you. The World is just one long hum of protests, for one thing or another, no peace, no one seems to really want peace and love,  just arguing.

It seems it is more fun for those practicing arguing. The narcissistic is not why I protest or resist your energy, it is frustration of years of never ever being acknowledged in the first place. We, I have been invisible. But now you want me, now you want to make very personal choices for me. Well, no. Well, you go to hell.


I will not go quietly into the dieing of the light. And like the warrior women that I am, bring it! You do not frighten me. All the little babies that are born today not looking like any ethnicity in particular, I say live your own way, your own life.