Slave or psychopath

Can you make a slave? Can you make a psychopaths?

Can a psychopath be made into a slave?

A slave; held against their will, well, not in all cases some slaves go into servitude in exchange for a prize. The prize could take the form of a permanent job, a raise in salary, freedom from work or freedom from reprimand.

A psychopath is : a real phony since they do not possess real feelings of their own that is. They are fast learners by observing others and imitating those behaviors that would make them appear more like everyone else.

It is written that psychopaths are masters at inspiring rage and anxiety. They hone their attacks to be very effective. They are driven by envy and boredom. They are expert at creating upheaval, emotional fireworks and emotional drama. They know they are not a real person. The psychopath wants your attention however he can get it. I say he because material written about narcissist and psychopaths state most psychopaths are male. Psychopaths are the king of needing constant stimulation. And even sleep could present a dreaded state of being. Boredom to the psychopath is oppressive.  The psychopath more often in the lower type have grave impulse control, and they need the other person to make him feel he matters.

These men believe they never lose; they will spin tall tails to your friends and colleagues to discredit you and if you challenged them in any way they will do their best to make you look  like a fool. A narcissist and psychopath are cunning predators. Aspects of their false selves include: charismatic, devoid of some mental components such as sympathy and empathy, they tend to exaggerate to influence others decisions or behavior, they are smart and consider themselves above the law. They might think they will never lose any type of confrontation.  Anyone can be victimized by the proficient psychopath. You will never see this person coming for they are wolves in sheep clothing.

Sam Vaknin writes about how to deal with the psychopath and malignant narcissist: One technique he suggests is to mirror the actions of your abuser, if he rages then you rage, if he threatens you threaten. He states ;” not all techniques apply to all abusers”  He wrote: If the abuser leaves the house then you leave the house, go down to his level, be critical, be disrespectful, humiliate him because this might frighten him. He is afraid of abandonment, deathly afraid.  Identify his weak spots and strike repeatedly. He fears abandonment. Withhold his narcissistic supply, your pain.  When you threaten back he considers this abandonment.  Shouting back is a sign of abandonment.

Seek help through legal sources, law offices and law enforcement. Insist on his respect of your boundaries. Sam Vaknin’s most important suggestion to deal with the abuser is to refuse all contact. Be sure to follow the court or law enforcement mandate and no more. Work within the system, and deny all gratuitous contact.  Remember they do not feel and they do not have empathy or sympathy and when they are after a goal and you stand in the way it is either him or you he will choose him every time.

Dr. Robert Hare states with psychopaths it is all about reward. Every man for himself.

Other suggestions to protect yourself against the narcissist or psychopath is to never defend or respond to the abuser with insults. This does not mean be a rag, a victim but stick to your guns. The abuser does not know how to handle boring, be boring.

Controlling your own emotions controls him. Pile on the boredom. Do not care what they or any other abuser thinks about you. Never listen to what they are saying and the no contact rule is the way to go. The abuser has to make you the bad guy because if not then he is the bad guy and he believes that he is always right. Most abusers need you to hate them if they cannot make you love them. They need you to make them matter. And they are addicted to your pain.

Create separation and get a support system.

The abuser uses suggestive behavior, overt activity to intimidate his prey, he abuses your imagination.

Have any of you experienced the narcissistic abuser? I hope some of these suggestions help you. Do not be afraid or give in but get create some distance between you and him. And if there is more than one narcissistic psychopathic abuser in your life take a deep breath, gat perspective and know you are a winner and this too shall pass.

It is written that as many as 3% of our population are abusive narcissists and psychopaths, it does not make you a bad person or a victim or a loser. You have choices. And if the abuser uses scare tactics and unrealized threats remember you owe no one submission. These abusers are not entirely the end of the world as you know it just a minor interruption. Psychopaths and narcissist may work in tandem so to speak with the narcissus holding a carrot of say becoming the manager but only if you torment one other target. The reason to torment the target was to : there was such a lazy manager who did not want to fix any tenant disputes but instead of saying such it was more fun to scare the hell out of the new incoming manager to intimidate the tenant in need. Two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately. I do not take intimidation well.

Carpe Diem