What I meant was

I do , I must say something to explain my recent brain fart in public at the Clark county court house. I was taking off my boots in compliance with the rule before you go through a body scanner you are to take off your shoes. I sat down and was taking off my boot when a female officer who looked like me in that she was close to my age and had short hair like mine. Was she a lesbian like me? I will never know but I do know is that she spoke to me in the tone of voice that was pleasant and I immediately softened my heart towards her. I wanted to touch her hand and say thank you but instead in true clumsy I said o.k. Dear. Ugh! And the softness in her face disappeared and she said the word ” hon” which I despise. Any of those patriarchal put down labels.

I could not wait to finish in court to return to explain myself to her but it would not be the case.