my dreams tell me so

Do you pay attention to your dreams? Or do you just sluff them off as the garbage left from your day’s events that carry charged feelings of anticipation, anger, envy, concern to competitiveness or worse, resentment and even worse the wish to have revenge?

Through my fifty years of learning to interpret my dreams and use them to help me I truly believe they are more than the left over feelings of the day.  Your dreams can be guide posts and warning signs just like my last dreams have been for me.

It has been proven but not beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can communicate even suggest to our subconscious  to give us pertinent information so that we can make better decisions to make our lives easier but the work lies in ; being able to send a clear desire to the subconscious and to clearly understand the answer that often times come to back you in the form of a dream.


Take the first time I understood the message that my dreams were trying to tell me, it was after 30 years of writing them down. I would ponder over them for months only to feel frustrated not getting what the message it was my subconscious was trying to tell me. Not only that , we are connecting to the universe that has all information about everything and everyone.  After 30 years I finally figured out that if I made the dream message read the opposite of the images I was receiving, or spiritually seeing I would have my answer. Viola! That did it.  When I received an image or scenario all I need do was play it in the opposite mode, for instance, when I saw myself being accosted by a group of faceless people in the night under a street lamp while waiting for a bus, I tied it to the situation that was current in my life at the time. I was in a night class in a city I did not grow up within and I was tired of hanging around . I felt the teacher was stretching things out a bit just to make her class be maintained on a schedule and the other students were gullible enough to sit through the mish mash of information.  I had an inner conflict of whether to stay the last night or leave early. In the dream the crowd was angry. Like I mentioned earlier do the opposite so instead of waiting for the crowd to be angry with me I interpreted my dream to mean, do not wait for the late bus, take an earlier bus. And sure enough when the last night of the class came and I was bored to tears and the class was set to stay and listen to her every word and it was obvious they exerted some influence to all that staying till the last moment was expected. I instead  made an excuse and gathered my things before any protests could be hurled at me and left the classroom.  Sure enough, when I reached the bus stop early I saw there was a street lamp at that corner. I did not meet with disapproving comments nor did I disapprove of my own decision. I studied on my own and voila. I passed as expected

Another instance after 10 more years of talking to my angels as I call it, I had received a message that whatever fears I have had to not be afraid because these circumstances that elicit fear are not that serious but a moment to learn to put the situation in perspective and not let myself become anxious for nothing. As in this most recent occurrence.  I am being stalked by my landlord , not that I care to face to face attack him about it because I think his behavior fits the criteria for being categorized as a sadistic narcissist.  And  since I am no longer a co- dependent I have coping skills in my tool box to protect my emotional health from his manipulations.  However, in a dream, I received these images:

There was two rows of a house filled with happy people and they were all helping each other, then there was me and I was happy. Then there was a streak of yellow in another building that was attached to the two rows of happy occupants. I know from past exchanges of information with my subconscious that yellow means to face this fear it is okay. And from my angels the color yellow means I will grow in personal strength, so when it became clear that the landlord is using these poor people to harass me so that I will serve a five day notice of quit to him, I know there is nothing to fear for it is only sabotage to get his kicks of making me anxious, his kicks that he feels he can control my environment but most of all make me endure silently the nastiness and vile disgusting behavior of his slaves.   Darkness will not overtake me because I have a promise from my angels my subconscious that I will be provided.  My dreams told me face these people, do not be afraid. The laughter was the opposite of what is really happening but it did not give me the spirit of fear either. The loving Universe does not give any of us the spirit of fear.   What the dream displayed was the color yellow. Face any fears head on because they are not founded in truth. And I know that all the near hazards manufactured for me are not reality but manufactured scenarios.

George Bernard Shaw wrote: When you wrestle with pigs you will get dirty. Besides they like it.

Do words such as skank and bitch and cunt accurately describe who I am? No! So are my intruders, assailants telling a truth? No. Do I waste my time fighting about their words? No! Because it would be to wrestle with pigs and they would like it. Observing their toxicity is not the same as absorbing their toxicity. What I do is demonstrate care for myself. Of course the assailant will not understand this because they do not have moral guides or boundaries only the lowest level of labidinal drives.

I have a new note I just read penned by expert on Narcissist, Dr. Sam Vaknin listen to this.

Sadistic Narcissists express anger with their objects of desire when the object,female, is not docile,obedient, admiring, and adoring. The Narcissist lacks empathy and enjoys the suffering of women.SN want to verbally abuse, mentally and physically shatter the woman’s self confidence..  He threatens her stability and security, frightens her out of wits, humiliates and insults her. These are his sadistic tactics while playing her psychiatrist to her psychopathology which he totally dreams up.  The SN invades his targets territory, exhausts her resources. The process of torturing and humiliating his object is to provide proof of his omnipotence. It nourishes his grandiose fantasies of his false self. A SN says to himself, ” I want to be free to frustrate myself by inflicting pain and wreaking havoc on my human environment, this way I will incur their ire.”