Beat that machismo down! It is the end of the world as you knew it.

is this part of the black culture we want to embrace? Beat women down? Beat them into submission?

Women all over the globe continue to fight for equality. We are equal!! EQUAL!!! We must embrace our equilness.  Machismo is dieing and technology was or is the equalizer. A touch of a finger can release a nuclear bomb, any finger, male or female.

Women no longer respond as docile animals under the lash. We carry weapons and will be enlisted into our countries armies. And you want to Beat a B…. Down? Did it take machismo to turn our county into full time dvd , tv, viewers?  Did it take machismo to create the idea that a family unit is unnecessary? Does it take machismo and all brute strength to get a crowd of non thinking individuals to torment another human being  into a head on collision over personal choices in regards to personal ideologies, no, .    Did it take machismo to tape videos of the horrific crimes against humanity happening around the world and bring them into your homes so the shock and awe factor would make you more susceptible to choosing a leader who will promise taking back control of ” your country” ? No.

Machismo is dieing.  You men who feel it your obligation to break the spirit of a woman know you are dinasours , prepare for extinction.

To influence through communications: written, painted , video-taped, sculpted or danced Ideas. Communications is the influencer that moves the world,not machismo. Those of you who don’t grow and learn to influence through technology will be left behind like the useless dinasours. Moving large groups of people from one thought to another takes years of  planning, years and more years to implement,unlike machismo and brute strength it is so subtle you will never see it coming.  The influencers are those who communicate face to face, words not fists or guns or intimidation. Intimidation accomplishes a limited and brief change, not a lasting change. Even technology does not pretend to promise permanent changes of any kind; emotional, physical, or psychological.

Read about the ideas of Aldous Huxley, Alan Watt, read books such as: Brave New World, Farenheight451, The New World Order, movies like THX, and so much more.  Machismo is done women.

Machismo gasps, writhing in pain knowing it is dieing. Why else do men without the gift of talking out ideas squirm so much when women confront them verbally. Explain what you mean neanderthals?  It is over. Done.

Machismo cheats the world of the brilliance of women’s ideas.

Wake up women! Next, it is your turn. Stand up for every woman, no matter her sexual preference or political or cultural party. Women are half the ideas, half the fire power and half the economic power here. Celebrate!

Women are warriors.