When to censure men

img_0420When your male significant, or a male stranger tells a woman, ” Go Ahead” what he is doing is telling that women I deny you any participation in the decision making process at this moment, and he is saying, I will talk down to you as if you are a child and I, the great Oz must make decision alone, we know women are not that smart. And this male is telling you that he will not acknowledge your feelings about the situation at all  and the matter is closed you do not deserve consideration. Period!

Do I and you look like fools?

I admire Mary Daly Radical lesbian feminist. She was the watch dog for women. She insisted we know. I said Know that we are not victims. We are worthy . We are Individuals first.

I for one resist on a daily basis the efforts of smiling , sneaky men to make believe I am less. They cajole me in hopes their amateur comedic lines will make me look bad, poor in spirit or ignorant of what they are really feeling towards me.

I know it is contempt because I refuse to kowtow to men of lesser energy and intelligence. Oh how hard some try to sneak in using a demeaning tone of voice with me to convince themselves they are men or convince themselves I do not know I deserve better.  I actually had one sadistic narcissist attempt to convince me that I ” have to ”  take his childish outbursts or yell back at him.  You see I know this to be classic Abuser mentality. If you have studied critical thinking or the profile of narcissists and how they manipulate weaker women into trusting their every word, then you would have known there is Always more than two choices to solve any problem. However the narcissist leans heavily upon a women’s not knowing what she wants or needs and her fear of men. Women who are women are fear less.

Because I know when I have made a point and stood up for my values abusers try harder to convince me I am worthless. They try harder to intimidate me with childish rhetoric. That is a dead give away also. Most women who value themselves would laugh in their faces, me, I laugh to myself as I appear as if I am going along with their manipulations. As if their stereotypes of women are valid. Too funny, I have a smile on my face all the way home. I have had two men smile goodbye to me and say they have made my day. The absolute need for adoration to me is indicative of an ATTACHMENT Model that fits a child who has lived with a parent or parents who could not be counted upon to provide certain, consistent attention, safety or comfort when he experienced stressful life situations and as an adult over compensates by pretending every female contact has depth.

There is work to be done women to constantly protect your mind and keep control of your emotions because you are the Captain of your ship no matter how many abusers try to convince you otherwise. I will repeat myself, the time of the Macho brute is over. OVER.