Daily Prompt: Confused

via Daily Prompt: Confused

This will be very impromptu. Confused?  My mouth watered when I saw the word confused. Aha! I said, here is my chance to rage against all the dumb a’s out there who think they have this cultural fight right. I was all set to tear into them with their double standards and privileged position, and the coat tail riders mimicking for heaven’s sake and surely don’t know what the hell they are doing, it only means they get a buck or two in hand for fun with someone. Wow! I had some rich ideas about shutting all their mouths.  Then I stopped and thought about what would I be truly getting outa pulling the sheet off of the pretenders? I mean, really, What would I be accomplishing telling the jerks in the world they are jerks?  They already know it. That’s why they can run around anonymously on Internet slurring the sludge they throw at people they don’t even care about. They know it is the only thing they care about. Getting away with throwing dirt at other human beings. After all, they will never see that person in person, like talk to them face to face, even.  They get attention from some other callous moron on the Internet and they create this thread that they can go back to day after day saying any disturbed thing they desire , because no one will ever hold them accountable for the incredulous, inane, stupid, insipid , hate mongering , childish, sadistically narcissistic, ideas that come  spewing out their blah blah brainless mouths.

So why bother to call them on it , it won’t stop them, it won’t matter a hill of beans. And so I will go on learning more about how to heal my own emotional boo boos and not throw trash at others, and be the best me I can be over here in my quiet corner.

Now I am not confused anymore about them.