Self healing

Do. You even want to heal yourselves?

     When people talk at me , because we have not reached even having a conversation,which might be impossible because most often people will talk at me not knowing who I am at all, , I would think to the way you treat other acquaintances. Clearly not knowing what you are saying or why as long as the conversation is short and shallow.   Then why pretend? Why speak at all? Why pretend you care when you , a lot of you would take pictures of a dieing person on your phones rather than assist in their rescue ?

why I am not going to pretend with you is because I do not like to lie to myself obviously like some other people would rather lie to themselves. Perhaps you would like to pretend you are connected by enmesh? How much you care when you in reality you have no idea how to have a emotionally healthy conversation with the closest and allegedly most prized possessions, your children?

Your children watch you and are even instructed by you to verbally abuse other human beings. Abuse adults . And you wonder why there are bullies in your child’s school?

Your children eat more and more of the wrong foods because you cave in under media pressure. Your children get fat because of a combination of wrong food choices, and large doses of fear..

The fear they face on a daily basis at school because some nut case bully might point a gun in their face on their way home from school.

Or they will see their name on a social media network, so how do they stand up to bullies if dodging them entails knowing how to maneuver them? Children have never faced having to navigate bullies in the air traveling at the speed of light to humiliate them in front of the world. And what tools are you giving your child if you practice bullying too? Who do they have if not you? That is the straw that breaks their backs, they do not have you. The very people they look to to protect them.

You Johnny public might think your condoning cyber bullying  for adults only but your every gesture is being viewed and absorbed by your children.

Are you stressing your adult mind out by watching the news daily? The news nowadays is written for one thing and that is to stress you out so that you throw up your hands and make some one else responsible for our country our economy and your children. I have seen adults wistfully terrorize another adult because he or she believes they have the right to end the sanity of another human being only because they think different. Each one of your children are different. That is the way life has been on this little blue ball for millions of years and now suddenly, your guilty conscience wants, desires, wants to force all of us to be the same? How is that possible? My values will never be your values and vice versa and so it is with your children. They will never be exactly like you or think exactly like you because that is not how it is. Every creatures IS is different from the next creature simply because each of us has as our separate from the other, because each soul has a plan in ready even before they arrived here on earth. Who are you to interfere with the cosmic consciousness of the big spirit in the universe? No One!!!!

Letting a child color her hair like a unicorn and sparkles and whatever is what parents do who are dedicated to helping their child unfold. They were never here to unfold and then be shot full of your ideals and limited thinking such as; this person is blue and grows up to be like this and that because this is what it is! A big BS.


Are you listening Vern? Saying, or rather forcing people to conform or die was never your plan in your spirit when you arrived on earth so why must you believe I or any other aware creature or child will let you give their spirit your form?

children are our new Hope. Children come equipped with plans. Children are to be seen and helped to express their every desire as long as they do not physically hurt some one. Let’s say let’s include hurt another human being with words, actions too because it is documented how you uninformed parents who might be totally unaware of what you say to your children could be toxic and deadly and life threatenin.

Why because you are not as prepared as much as you need to be to give your children the chance to forge a NEW WORLD, but to keep repeated your stupid mistakes.

Read something new, read books on childhood trauma, then books on understanding your baby psychology and really know what is going on in that infants life you wander around.

Read how to help your child express him or herself without recrimination from you.

No censure ship in the first two years. Can you do that?

Make a better world by training yourself to be a better parent because you will never retrain me.