Truth or Fiction

Have any of you read information on the Internet by just any old person about either an event or a person you do not personally know and believe that information hook line and sinker,without the slightest inclination to read several other sources that might corroborate or dismiss the information? Has someone written about you or your loved ones lately and caused such great harm as defamation of character?


How did it feel?

How does if feel to have to clear your name with total strangers, who do not even care if you are a real person or not but will engage in tearing you persona down only because they can not be held responsible for their maliciousness, their verbal cruelty, because it has yet to be mandatory that if you submit comments on the net your complete identity and whereabouts must be submitted and triple verified?

Who would come forward then? Surely not the malicious narcissistic sociopaths.

Isn’t it just self serving and sexually gratifying to some sickos that they can manipulate some subgroups ,of humanity who are lacking humanity and maturity,

to attack verbally, physically, financially, psychologically and emotionally another ( human being) person to satisfy only their lust for power and group acceptance without which they would be known as the shallow, powerless, narcissistic, infantile , lonely creature he or she is.

Share with me  the psychological effects of a relationship of prisoner and gatekeeper. What are the effects of group rejections? What is happening if a human being not only survives the group hateful actions but thrives in personal strength to continue to believe in their, hers or his personal values, anyway, despite the infantile punishment  meted out at each behavior the group decides is unacceptable? And prey tell who is leading the narcissistic group think tank? Those twisted people who as long as they can remain invisible and let run loose on society, their culture of anger, will be able to manipulate the non thinking, non truth seeking, those who need to satiate their appetites for total control over other human beings just because they can .

When are the adults, fearless human beings going to take back the reigns of co authorship of our society? Liberty for all whether any one of you dislikes the opinion or ideals of another human being. Liberty to speak up. Liberty to comment on any subject.

Where are you hiding out?

Do you believe women , must be placed fifty years in the past to make one culture you feel has received injustices at the hand of the ruling class , the price to pay to usage your guilt? Are women of America , their individual freedom to stand up to male oppression in language , the  cost to pay for guilt for slavery? Every human culrure has been a slave to another throughout the history of the earth at one time or another. But has the price of the cultural freedom of said cultures been the oppression of its women?

When does the equality for women begin. Loud and clear it has for me.

I would think it has for many other women also. I want to believe that like myself Men cannot give me permission to go before them in line unless I ask.

Men cannot touch my body unless I give them permission. Men cannot verbally abuse me without some type of reprimand. Men must not talk down to women they are not children.

When the media turns an individual’s character into fiction that many would rather believe is truth because they are too lazy to seek a truth we give into fiction. And do not think it can not happen to you.