Do you hear what I hear

How is it that every person I speak with uses manipulation to reach the answer they desire to hear? Is this an auric accounting or is it just the way people tend to be in Nevada because so much money is made by conning a person into saying what you want to hear thus a guarantee of making money or is it just karma here? Does anyone have an answer because I constantly feel slimed after having a confusing run on from topic to topic conversation with people.

I would much prefer to be rational and linear.

Is it me just too lazy sometimes to stop and direct the issue at hand. Tedious and energy draining.

And then more often than not the men have the nerve to try to exact respect from me. I have to show respect. My country as far back as I can remember guaranteed my freedom to pursuit liberty AND justice. Well killing my family, strangling my money flow , staulking and fits of intimidation like the gangster inmates thinking they use these psychopaths out of jail and in business will never receive my respect. Not ever. You may silence me but never never will I give them my respect.