Let’s play gotcha!

Lately, has anyone experienced receiving the wrath of a so called militant group only because you decided to take a stand to protect your property and your physical health, hearth and home from destruction from a a-political far left? Or should and I, did say “should” yes I did, should I refer to them, well,  one her and several hims , as the “ghetto left”, as she affectionately referred to herself.  I did. After a year or more of skirmishes I reluctantly asked for assistance from my neighborhood law enforcement personnel. They were gracious and quickly responded to my needs, and even though some of my audience would consider me and my contemporaries over the age of sixty-five as insignificant and unworthy of any personal space on earth, sort of like a call back to American ancient history before welfare, public services or unemployment where the poor had no financial or mental health resources, they had to die fighting for every scrap of dignity.  . And it was this same group who went to our mandated wars and came home and patched themselves up without monies from government or paid for hospitalization. We were the “tough it out ” faction of America. I asked for city assistance.  I am of the latter part of that group, a descendant. Having received instruction from parents who were survivors of a world war on how to survive, and play for keeps, if need be.

My nearby tenant decided to wage a personal war against my health and welfare.  , when I upped the ante by going it warlike and committed with the use of bombs, my actions were met with disdain from the ” militants” dare I say, whimpishness, even from so called hardened ghetto-ites.

So I struck back.  Only to find out that  my adult ” serious”game, played in the sense I was playing to the death, was met with boos from my  rivals and hailed as “unfair”.

Since when is tossing tear gas type bombs to fight the enemy unfair? Since when are the elderly of America  expected to fight back the onslaught of absurdity with one hand tied behind their back or worse with using guidelines from the perceived enemy?

What? I thought, Is fighting  fare? Are we? No one told me fighting with other Adults for matters of principle had to be monitored and approved by the opponents.   All s fair in love and War or haven’ t my young adversaries ever read our country’s history?

I was shocked and then fell out laughing my adversaries wanted to dictate the rules of engagement. Hahahahahahaha. And they consider themselves the real down and dirty type, yet at one offensive they called “Foul”!   There is not one committed adult among them.  I have won the skirmish on the technicality that I am committed like any other adult to defend my home to the death. And it is not over until my Fat lady sings.

Dedicated to the adults , over sixty, who know the seriousness of  freedom .