Well, Let’s just throw the towel in…

Let’s just give up and give in, I mean really,”It’ s just how the world is” said the teen as he shrugged  his shoulders and walked away. What a crock of horse…

Is this the overall attitude of our young people toward  the misuse of technology? Oh, well, so it goes? Where is the backbone of these offspring? Oh, as long as it is not I everything is dandy? It is just how it is!

What a crock of brain washing Horse manure.

This is the rhetoric of one small invisible infiltrating psychopathic male dominating cultural voice whispering these sweet nothings into the ear of gullible youths and young Americans who want to lead our country but not if it means personal and close up confrontation. God forbid you kids get your fn hands dirty, when instead you can just create a harassing crowd who never feel or believe it important to look for the truth or a fact. Even our politicians push back when their opponents tell lies about them. Remember a time when our governmental leaders talked issues and not their personal issues? How adult.

I was amazed at this youths complacency, total lack of compassion for another human being. Is this what electronic equipment does to our children, our hopefuls for the country.

Sure it is nice to think, every country around the globe put down their weapons of mass destruction and shake hands and sing cumbaiya. In the meanwhile too women all around the world will be acknowledged, not judged and murdered. Women will occupy seats in every country’s government and our egos stroked because we are capable to lead as any man. We seek individuality and men will acknowledge and mutually promote our interests without feeling somehow he has lost a small part of his masculinity which has been under going mass reconstruction since the seventies. Not my problem. Not my problem? But not my responsibility.

Sure let’s walk away An say, that’ s how it is when the Dakota pipeline is completed, water diverted, people left starved, but money lines the pocket of progressive action. Or was it progressive and who tackles that decision? Our whiny youths who say, That’s how it is” whatever IT is? What a fn Cop out.

Sounds like cynicism to me. Our youth are cynical and only believe in what they can see? They can see if you fight dirty and covert they have a better chance of overcoming an intruder compared to facing an honest opponent head on. It is obvious a mere few younger people 18-34 are capable of facing a noble opponent one on one to discuss what each one wants and how to reach an agreement. Well, that’s not as much fun as pushing behavior buttons just like in the Pavlovian experiments. What was the goal? Extinguish one behavior or imprint another behavior. First year psychologists kids. Then what? After you have children you must give them your values and if you force the child and cause trauma the entire cause is lost because the child in growing exponentially and emotionally will suffer painful healing until it is capable of turning on the parent and thrashing the parent within an inch of its life while the child all grown up and emotionally healthy leaves the parent for their own ideas and identity. The game is rigged people, some of us humans , who think and feel we deserve the title Individual, will not go lightly into your values just because you have the attitude of “this is how it Is”

I believe our twenty somethings are more focused on Winning than any critical thinking and conversation to explore avenues of finding solutions that would appease everyone.  CONVERSATION that would find solutions!  It’s called CONFLICT Resolutions.    I take it college and younger people are not accustomed to actually talking but spouting opinions without evidence to support their frames of anger.

And if I have it all wrong, Step forward and actually talk to someone who opposes your ideas once in awhile. I dare you.

invisible germs invading our American society, I remain steadfast in this belief, they have forgotten  to take into consideration that humans adapt and regroup against combatants.

My question to youth is:”If it is what it is, then who the hell is making up the It is?  And why are you so afraid to challenge that Is?

We have people who care only to control, control women, control the conflict between the various cultures and economic classes, and the poor against the rich, those who have morals against those who feel morals are not important only winning respect through intimidation.  Which group do you belong To?

Or do you affirm that our society is what it is and goes walking with your head down looking into your IPhone, IPad and etc. as long as it is not me and no one will ever hold me accountable for the nasty opinions I hold , or accountable for the slights he throws arbitrarily at strangers who somehow stand up for some value other theirs.

I believe this could have been the complacent attitude of many owners of indentured slaves and slaves. This is what it is and they set about treating them a certain way , until they behaved and  200 years later they are self monitoring slaves thinkers nonetheless. Damn, your complacency. No one must be forced to accept slave making for ant reason. And those who still think as slaves must have the courage to break free, alone. No one can make you feel different but you. And let me add a side thought. New Generaion Chinese women are cracking their shells to express themselves and live outside of patriarchy. I love be damned if I will let Chinese male mentality force me back into male dominance and shut down my expression in my own fn country.

Give me a damn opinionated older person any day, who doesn’t hide their head in a phone but asks for confrontation to repair the conflict. Like adults do.