Stop Lieing

Some mofo recently contacted me on Facebook and wrote revisit what you wrote on Facebook. I’m sure it was a he because my blogs often referred to men and I often described their behaviors like oppressing women, controlling others, unemotionalism and more as sociopathic and psychopathic. Most people who insist their world is better than any other and force everyone around to be what they want in this matrix I call bullies. Even though I know I am some degree of narcissistic I am not as dangerous as the group of bullies who have pursued me and gathered many more bullies to do their work to cause me physical, financial, emotional, and psychological harm. You are the ruthless men running this world I referred to in many of my blogs and you have proved me correct.

I was more loving verbally to this group then because I forgave them because do not know what they do. It after pressureing me for over four years and stalking and bullying I too turned to nip them on their heels. But it does not prove them right. To bully is to bully and to attempt to make another human being  go mad or die shows the enormity of brain washing that has gone on over the last generation has succeeded in making humans dehumanize each other to be able to kill bloodlessly. A lot of you out there think this is ok. Of course after you dehumanize someone and since it is not you and since you have always thought of yourselves as the men, the omnipotents, the patriarchs who lead, and women are second best, under your superior minds.

We have a long way to go but like modanna once said recently in a speech, we women endure and even succeed in spite of living in a man’s world.

namaste my friends.