Vilifying the Victim

I knew if I kept describing my feelings and looking up scenarios in psychology books I would find the name of what the people around me are using against me to control me.

The points of interests for some men are to make me appear black others use the cover of making accept abusive behavior from others and others are discriminating against my being a lesbian and there are other types of attacks. I am only one person.

Vilify to make the victim look like the bad guy.  People often use this tactic to control one person that does not agree with the consensus of the “group”. I don’t agree with the group thinking because I believe they have over the past 40 years been programmed inch by inch by several important and powerful factions of our society to the point most people are afraid to be themselves, go outside of the norms of the structured group.  They are programmed to harm anyone who resists the control of the “group”.  Mindless and heartless they believe they are doing the right thing.