My 365 day writing challenge.And counting 360

I awoke to dreams of weird wide streets, traveling and more but it was 2:30 in the morning too early to rise ,I thought. Why not lay here and savor the quiet.

I thought about those conspiring against me.

These two war mongerers , angles and blacks of the USA continue to denie us , the mixed races off spring access to liberation so I will take it for us. I will say no to the one drop rule they brought against me in Oakland, California, like a hangman’s noose. Hang the In-between! Choose a side and it had better be the colored side because the white folks, your white ancestors, where ever they hailed from don’t want you.

my experiences have been black people in my young adult life wouldn’t speak even when I attended their parties or other social events. The first reactions were always the same, some one would want to beat me up. White people didn’t even see me unless I was with a black friend . You two groups make me not want either of you.

I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. So what! My mother’s religious convictions made her stance one of tolerance, love everyone because we were all the same. She taught us to be kind to everyone. That worked well till I turned eighteen, graduated from high school and started my adult life, then all changed. I was discriminated against just like the Jews, the blacks, Mexicans and Chinese. But unlike all of them I did not have a country, a people other than my immediate family to call home.

The babies coming into the world, in America must know they are not bound to our very sick ancient history because the world will be mixing more people of color and not from the Old South. We will be International people’s forging a new set of values but more important than  Religious freedom that brought one continent to this once pristine continent we will invest in freedom of human expression.

It is more logical that humans when they feel their real selves  they  be free to express that value in English or whatever-ish is available. but surely they will have -A Choice-and Not be the recipient of harassment, bullying, terrorization financially, emotionally and psychologically as I have. I am not alone. All those babes born in the USA of mixed race parents during 19th century till present know the anger, the frustration of attempting to even have a life separate from the hatred of whites who did not want you, the blacks who hated you to think you might get something they could not. That is not even the case today,it is sheer hatred for mixed people. These same Oakland people 74 years ago frightened and intimidated my poor mother upon a visit. Just a visit.

It remains the case today, blacks get more jobs than ever they did when I was growing up. The problem is the job market has changed. If all cultural groups are not privy to the same information about the direction of jobs or future needs of America and how they can fill those places is it my in between groups fault? Can you point to people passing as the root cause of your economical status? NO. Who are the intermarriage occurring between the last several decades. Can you blame anyone group for it? No!

It is the black people to stop the hatred. Stop using the white Massa to whip everybody they hate.