359 days and counting down

No different yesterday. Bus driver didn’t like my asking her a question after she asked me if I had missed my stop.

What it seems to me, just seems to me, I’m not to even have a conversation with people of color about what inspires their activity? What crap! No one is a sacred cow.

But I went to the temple and sure enough met with more social engineering tactics from the male and female parking lot guards. The man talking on purpose to my back and the female yelling at me from a distance as if a child who unlike an adult can’t wait to say hello before she assists me with the door. Inside I meet and talk more than I expected to about personal topics but in the end we agreed upon what I was looking for out of a relationship with this organization.

The next extraordinary event was van the psychopath downstairs began his noise assault as usual this week. He did the same day his nut friend received his summons to court for a restraint order . But curiously today I asked van to please keep the noise down, he did. He even had it off. What does that tell me? He has always been employed by people white or black who are against me. Who want to manipulate me by killing my family, threatening my life but now I went to a temple they think I am brainwashed because I seek a little outside help. If at any moment I feel I am being asked to give up too much of my own identity in favor of more southern black identity I’m gone and will never ask for guidance from the outside world again.