My 365 day writing challenge for you. Today is 358 and counting.

I am crying for happy. I decided to head for assistance with my connection to a stable foundation for living. And when I found it I was amazed at how rapidly my answers appeared. Three years ago I was with the Universe, my God, and able to keep the negative energy at bay, yet today I have failed. So when I reached out I thought again I would fail but to my surprise I found myself saying, thank you for this experience, this challenge and this to will pass, and I will overcome the obstacle because the God, my Universe says I can.

The second part: let me relate to everyone out there seems they feel I must get over my anger with colored people who have harassed me and made living difficult since I have refused giving ” respect ” to black men. But I don’t know what exactly or rather

how they specifically want me to show them. No one talks to me, men surround me in the market places so what, I have nothing to fear. What is it expected of me, if no one talks to me communication is not clear and that is an element abusers count on to keep their victim off balance. If the victim does not know exactly what it is they have done to receive the anger of the spouse, dad, boy friend then the victim is expected to walk on egg shells in the cycle of violence this is the tension building phase.

Since I understand the phases and what they look like I will intercept the next cycle in public and confront the abusers. All he will do is denie, denie. There is more to lose by saying nothing , for that is what abusers depend on my silence.

I will not get over it as one man put “it”. I can’t seem to let go of the feeling I would be giving into the abusers if I say nothing. They may feel I owe them but as a human being they owe me a conversation based on a clear stated request.

I am an adult. What exactly is it you want?

Oh and for the tiny mex lady who lowered her forehead at me staring, well I thought about laughing at her but usually that annoys the kids so I just observed the nothingness of her.