I know you are wondering how I could let the bullies win. But did they?

No, and I don’t respect or fear male bullies but g-d has given me the strength to ignore them. Because I love me more because the divine loves me. And women like me.

So g-d intervened for me and sent to me all the truth I was looking for in the shape of : well I can’t give it all away. But I can say I have severed ties with your monkey minds.  Want to know how we did it.


Just watch me.  Know that bullying did not win.

Little secret. I was advised when I was twenty years old by an older white male that in less than thirty years America would be populated by brown people. Predictions thirty years in advance is not uncommon among the rulers of our country, it was uncommon he shared it with me. So since this was planned in advance obviously little ol multicultural me will not stop it but at least I had my chance to say , he’ll no I won’t go. And believe it or not there are alternatives to being in the world.