A Fine Deal

Well, I have accomplished what I set out to do and that was to have my say, no matter what. However, it did take me awhile because , basically, I am an introvert. No, not anti social, or a recluse but an introvert like so many others in the United States. Even though there are the extraverts pounding down the door to introverts trying to force them to pay or play, introverts will maintain a certain amount of emotional distance.

If the extraverts think that they won,  well, we all have our thoughts and that does not make them correct, or right or better or anything, all have their own opinions as well do I. And it took me sooo long for that very fact, I am an introvert that pushed herself to talk about what I considered very personal information.  I mean if I am the type to flush the toilet during and after I am finished using it, well, you get my drift.

One thing I do want to share since most of you follow me everywhere even into the luu is no I never did pay attention to your attention getting antics after about the first year. But what did get me was the noise my downstairs apartment deadhead, hired to terrorize me, did. But good for me I know he can be typed cast as a harassing asshole, a psychopath and much more but to all will their just deserts receive after it is all said and done.

No I will never give into  brainwashing because y0u see I remain in tact and especially determined to make the most of MY personality traits and not yours.

Give all the Wild Women out there a hug and kiss for me.  Oh, and audience do not think for one minute that I was only a recipient, I too played, as horrible a thought I know you think that is. Getting over on you in some small measure, how dare I. I just a psych 101 student.  The only time we will really know the outcome of our tete a tete is judgement day. Or the day after.  jhahahhahahaha